What is MSCR’s Safe Haven Program?

Information by phone: 608-467-8360

As part of the Madison Metropolitan School District, MSCR’s Safe Haven has provided quality childcare since 1992. Safe Haven was established with the belief that all children need a safe and enriching place to spend their after school hours, while their parents are at work or school. Safe Haven provides a comprehensive, afterschool program in select Madison Metropolitan School District sites, for children kindergarten through 5th grade.

Easy & Convenient!

Are you a busy parent? Nothing can be easier than afterschool care at your child’s school or neighborhood center. MSCR offers Safe Haven childcare at fourteen locations.

Recreational and educational activities!

MSCR offers fun and educational activities.

  • Creative art and enrichment projects
  • Homework help
  • Special events & field trips
  • Active play
  • Playtime with board games and toys
  • Opportunities to make new friends

Summer Safe Haven Registration

Procedimiento de Registro Para El Campamento de Agosto del 2016   - 2017 coming soon

Kids Day Out - childcare on no school days - see Program Guide for registration information.

Safe Haven & (*Community Learning Center) Sites 2016-2017 School Year:

Site Name Phone No. Address
Allied Learning Center 204-6561 2237 Allied Drive, Madison, 53711
Allis Elementary* 204-1018 4201 Buckeye Rd, Madison, 53716
Emerson Elementary 204-2023 2421 E. Johnson St., Madison, 53704
Falk Elementary* 204-2208 6323 Woodington Way, Madison, 53711
Glendale Elementary* 204-2391 1201 Tompkins Dr., Madison, 53716
Hawthorne Elementary* 204-2507 3344 Concord Avenue, Madison, 53714
LakeView Elementary* 204-4055 1802 Tennyson Lane, Madison, 53704
Lincoln Elementary* 204-4963 909 Sequoia Trail, Madison, 53713
Lindbergh Elementary 204-6507 4500 Kennedy Rd, Madison, 53704
Leopold Elementary* 204-4334 2602 Post Rd
Lowell Elementary 204-6616 401 Maple Avenue, Madison, 53704
Mendota Elementary* 204-7858 4002 School Road, Madison, 53704
Midvale Elementary* 204-6733 502 Caromar Drive, Madison, 53711
Nuestro Mundo 442-2494 902 Nichols Road, Madison, 53716
Orchard Ridge* TBD  5602 Russett Rd
Sandburg Elementary* 442-2955 4114 Donald Dr, Madison, 53714
 Schenk Elementary (CLC Only-No Safe Haven)  442-2866  230 Schenk Street, Madison, 53714
*21st Century Community Learning Center Site


MSCR makes every effort to hire diverse, qualified, caring and professional staff who have experience, education and a desire to work with youth in a recreation setting. All employees have been screened and have passed a background check through the Wisconsin Department of Justice and a TB test. We take pride in the quality of our staff and maintain high standards by training staff in a variety of topics including: CPR, behavior management, supervision, health and safety, age appropriate practices and other related topics. MSCR provides a 10:1 child to staff ratio.

At Safe Haven We:

  • Provide youth with activities and skills that enhance physical and cognitive capabilities, and build self-esteem
  • Teach youth alternative ways to resolve conflict
  • Build teamwork and cooperation skills

School Year Safe Haven Programs

Safe Haven begins the first day of school and ends the next to last day of school. Afterschool programs offer tutoring and homework help. The program calendar generally follows the Madison Metropolitan School District calendar. Programs begin at school release time (including early release on Monday) and end at 5:30 pm or 5:45 pm daily. Please check your site for the exact time. Most programs require daily participation. 

Program Evaluation

As a department of the school district, Safe Haven is required to meet all the standards for Wisconsin licensed day care centers, and each site is assessed annually using the School-Age Care Environment Rating Scale.

Program Eligibility

School-based Safe Haven programs are open to all children who attend the school or live in the attendance area of the school in which the program is held. Neighborhood center-based programs are open to all children living in the areas surrounding the neighborhood center. Safe Haven Summer Camps are open to all MMSD residents.

Early Release & No-School Days

MSCR Safe Haven programs operate on scheduled early-release days. Kids Day Out is an all day program that takes place on no-school days (including teacher in-services and parent-teacher conferences). The program is available at some locations. Please check at your site for details. Safe Haven does not operate on holidays. Limited sites will provide childcare services during spring and winter break. Additional fees are charged for Kids Day Out.


Contact your MSCR Site Supervisor if transportation home is required.

Weather Closings

If MMSD schools are closed due to severe weather, Safe Haven is closed.

Release of Children

Only authorized persons specified on the child’s release form may pick up a child.

Visitors and Observations

Parent/Guardians are welcome to visit and observe the MSCR Safe Haven programs anytime. For liability and supervision reasons, visiting children may not participate in MSCR Safe Haven programs. Community members who wish to observe the program must request permission from the Site Supervisor and/or the MSCR Youth Programs Specialist.

Scholarships Are Available

A limited number of scholarships are available for those families eligible for free/reduced lunch and meeting all other Safe Haven scholarship requirements. Call 608-467-8360 for scholarship information.

The Safe Haven Childcare Registration is ongoing.


 vmejeris@madison.k12.wi.us or call 467-8360 for registration materials. Registrations must be completed in full to be eligible for the Safe Haven programs. All incomplete forms will be returned without processing.